4 Reasons Pine is the Perfect Timber for Your Custom Furniture

When you choose custom furniture, everything from style to material is under your control. There are plenty of materials from which to choose, but most people find that pine is the way to go, and here are just four reasons why.

1. Pine Looks Fantastic

It's hard to beat the appearance of pine. It possesses a natural warmth that makes a home feel at once welcoming, bright, and upscale. Other varieties of timber, such as mahogany, tend to look a little too dark. The neutral appearance of pine fits around any design style, but, if you don't like the natural appearance of pine timber, you can always stain or paint it to create almost any other colour you fancy. Again, this isn't always an option with timber of a darker grain.

2. Pine is Relatively Inexpensive

People assume that custom furniture costs the Earth, but that's not necessarily the case. Custom furniture can cost the Earth, but only when you opt for the rarest materials and most complex designs. If you want furniture that's unique to you but don't want to pay through the roof, consider pine. It grows faster than most other species of timber used for making furniture, is relatively common, easy to work, and doesn't need to be shipped from far-off corners of the world. If you're buying lots of pieces of furniture instead of just one, the savings could be considerable when you opt for pine over a rarer species of wood.

3. Pine is Durable  

Because pine is a softwood species, people tend to assume that it isn't particularly durable. In some ways, this is true – pine is not as dense as most hardwood species, such as teak. However, indoor furniture doesn't need to be that strong, and pine is more than durable enough to be used inside. It's tough for a softwood, so any bumps and knocks are unlikely to produce any visible flaws, and it provides a stable platform. The pine furniture you buy today should last for decades to come if treated properly.

4. Pine is Environmentally-Friendly

Pine can be grown all over the world, so it doesn't require massive amounts of fuel to be shipping in from afar. It can also be grown sustainably, and, unlike more exotic timber species, it can be farmed from countries that adhere to strict safety and environmental regulations. This makes it an extremely eco-friendly option for your custom furniture.