The process involved in furniture design

When a person decides to buy furniture, they go out into the market to search for the best furniture, with the best design. The furniture you see placed out in the open for people to buy are a result of a very precise design process. Making and designing furniture requires time and precision. Bearing this in mind, the following two major steps are put into consideration.

Coming up with the design

Every type of furniture must have a specific design. The process of coming up with the design is very hectic and should be done carefully. Each design should be unique and different from other designs. However, it should not be too complex for the customer to understand. This process involves:

Analysis. This is usually the first step in every process where the manufacturer gets to learn the customer needs. In this process, different people come up with different ideas which at the end are looked upon in detailed fashion. The ideas generated are very important because they will all be used to come up with a unique design.

Proposals. In this phase, the ideas generated are translated into virtual objects and products. They are then put into one document to make the final proposal. The proposal is then submitted to the person in charge of manufacturing so that it can be approved. If it is not approved, then the analysis phase is repeated. If approved, then the process moves to the next phase.


The development process is the most important part of any design. Major factors are put into consideration including the cost of manufacture as well as acquiring the supplies needed. Once these factors are met, the following happens:

A prototype is made. The purpose of making a prototype is to give the customer the general view of what is expected. The prototype must be the exact design of the furniture to be manufactured. If the manufacturer designs a prototype and shows it to the customer, two things can happen. The customer can reject the design, prompting the manufacturer to come up with another. Secondly, the customer can approve the design, and the development continues.

Assembling. After the approval of the prototype, the real work of making the furniture begins. Here, assembling of wood and curving is done to precision so that the end product can be the same as the prototype. This process takes time and requires trained craftsmen and manpower.

Once the above procedures are followed, the customer should expect furniture that is well crafted and designed. Customer needs should be the first priority in this line of work. For more information, contact your local furniture design service.