Characteristics That Make Wicker Chairs Functional In Any Space

When in the market for furniture, you will be inundated by a myriad of options. From leather to hardwood, upholstered to plastic, you have a range of choices to select from depending on your budget. However, one type of furniture that is typically relegated to the outdoors but is highly functional indoors, too, is wicker. Wicker chairs may have been around for decades, but is just recently that they have witnessed a progressive rise in demand.

However, this seemingly newfound interest in wicker is not merely by coincidence. Over the years, this type of furniture has proven practical in Australian households. If you are in the market for new furniture, here are characteristics of wicker chairs that make them functional in any space.


One characteristic that has made wicker popular in many homes is the portability that these chairs accord. Once you have settled on furniture pieces, you will likely struggle with different formations and finally settle on one that you think is best. But what happens when that formation proves to be impractical for your needs or you simply get bored with it? When that becomes the case, it will prove very difficult to change up the arrangement since most furniture pieces are not just bulky, but heavy, too.

Wicker furniture, on the other hand, is one of the easiest options to move. The chairs are portable enough for you to change their position on a whim! Moreover, this portability does not jeopardise the stability of the wicker chairs since they remain sturdy.


As mentioned earlier, wicker furniture has been around for years. And the reason behind this relevance is attributed to the durability of this material. Natural wicker, on its own, is highly durable since it has somewhat of a resistance to moisture. On the other hand, if you want guaranteed durability for the long term without having to invest in continual upkeep, then you could opt for synthetic wicker, which looks just as good as its organic counterpart but boasts longevity. It should be noted that wicker's durability is not singularly attributed to the endurance of the fibres.

The frames of these types of chars typically comprise steel. Since the steel is covered in wicker, it will not be vulnerable to corrosion. Furthermore, the structural integrity of the steel ensures the wicker chairs retain their shape for the long term! Lastly, you can choose to have natural wicker fibres treated and this will prolong their shelf life. Therefore, if you want furniture that is bound to serve you for years on end, then wicker chairs are the perfect option.