Crucial Considerations When Renovating a Kitchen with New Cabinets

A common misconception among homeowners is that kitchen renovation needs to be a major project that overhauls the entire room and changes the style and look completely. However, simple changes to a kitchen are also considered renovations. One less expensive and straightforward area you can start with regards cabinets. With the right approach, installing new cabinets can transform the face of a kitchen and encourage family members to frequent the room. This article highlights essential considerations when renovating a kitchen with new cabinets.


The popularity of open-plan homes has made many owners forget that a kitchen should be the most functional space in a house. For instance, some open plan designs hide cabinets from plain view since a kitchen mostly overlooks the living room. However, tucking cabinets away makes a kitchen dysfunctional and challenging to operate in. You'll struggle to find or reach for utensils, and sometimes the cabinets might get in your way. Therefore, you must prioritise functionality when installing cabinets in a newly renovated kitchen. For example, you can install a movable kitchen cabinet with a countertop to double up a kitchen island. Most importantly, the cabinet saves space and makes finding items easy.


Depending on a kitchen layout, there could be spaces between cabinets to accommodate appliances such as a refrigerator, a countertop oven and a microwave. Since the appliances are made of different materials, changing the cabinets does not improve uniformity in your kitchen. Thus, your aluminium fridge door will stick out between your new ornate cabinets. The best way to achieve uniformity in your kitchen cabinets and appliances is to make their surfaces appear like one ensemble using overlays. The cabinet-style overlays give appliances the same look as your cabinets, achieving uniformity.

Light Penetration

The amount of light that a kitchen receives determines how you organise cabinets and the types to install. For instance, installing closed and deep overhead cabinets in a kitchen that receives little light makes the space feel small and bland. The situation is made worse if your kitchen is already tiny. In such spaces, open storage and shallow cabinets are the perfect addition. Notably, you might be wondering why you need open shelves if you are already renovating a spacious kitchen and adding oversized windows to allow in more light. Well, large cabinets can double up as a beverage station, especially in spacious open-plan kitchens.

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